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Taris TA-ZE Sofrada Ogutme Deniz Tuzu | Aegean Sea Salt Sundried Salt Crystals

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"Taris Aegean Crystal Sea Salt" offers natural sun-dried sea salt in its natural state. This sea salt is completely unprocessed, unrefined, and contains no additives. Therefore, we preserve the rich nutritional value and natural taste of minerals obtained directly from the sea.

The miraculous balance of the ocean and its minerals is locked within these fine crystals. You can ground the salt in a salt grinder and use in cooking, or use it as an accompaniment to meals. The 500g package is suitable for everyday use in a variety of dishes and table settings.

  • Name : sea salt
  • Ingredients : Sea salt (100% Aegean sea salt)
  • Contents : 500g
  • Country of origin : Turkey
  • Storage method : Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Close the lid tightly after opening.
      About Taris

      Established in 1915 in Izmir, Taris is an agricultural cooperative mainly based in the Aegean coastal region, producing and selling agricultural products such as olives, olive oil, raisins, and figs. This region is suitable for growing olives and figs, which is why Taris products are highly praised by many consumers for their quality and flavor.

      Among them, Taris' extra virgin olive oil has a unique flavor and high quality, and has gained overwhelming support from chefs and foodies in Japan and abroad.

      In addition, Kolonya, a traditional Turkish perfume and disinfectant water, is an essential item in many households due to its refreshing scent and effectiveness. Essential for welcoming visitors and maintaining daily cleanliness, this item is deeply ingrained as part of Turkish culture.

      Since its establishment, Taris has continued to aim to increase profits for farmers along the Aegean coast and maintain and improve quality. This attitude has made Taris a brand trusted not only in the Aegean region but also throughout Turkey and even abroad. Ta.

        Taris TA-ZE Sofrada Ogutme Deniz Tuzu | Aegean Sea Salt Sundried Salt Crystals
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