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``Salpel Beilerbey Series'' is a popular brand locally for its easy-drinking properties.

door dan


Exploring the world of Turkish tea with the popular brand “Doordan”

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Türkiye's No. 1 organic winery recognized by the world's best sommelier

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Announcement of the sale of the Dooraru Support Set

Due to the effects of the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent depreciation of the yen, it has become difficult to import products that are loved by everyone. In order to escape from this current situation, we have started selling the ``Doal Support Set''.

Free shipping is available anywhere in the country, and the price is better than purchasing each item individually.

Your warm support will be a great strength to us.

For details, please see the door support set sales page.

Door support set sales page

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    Free shipping for purchases over 11,000 yen *Excludes refrigerated items and some areas

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Beiler Bay Terra Gold Raku 700ml

A mellow and balanced raku made from the highest quality grapes and anise. The yellowish color and unique anise aroma that can only be achieved by barrel aging will captivate you.

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