Welcome to the Wonderful World of Turkish Wines

Turkey has a long history with wine, believed to date back to 6000 BC. Its fertile soils and Mediterranean climate produce wines with diverse and unique flavors. Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, Turkey has a deeply rooted wine culture loved by many.

In our store, we represent the tradition and innovation of Turkish wines with renowned brands Vinkara Wine, Lucien Arkas Bağları, Diren Wine, and Kutman Wine.

Diren Wines

Founded in 1958, Diren Wines offers high-quality wines from the Anatolian region, particularly from Tokat. They have contributed to the development of the Turkish wine industry and have won numerous awards. Notably, 'Diren Mahlep' is a unique wine blended with indigenous grape varieties and distinctive spices.


Kutman Wine

Starting wine production in 1896, the Kutman family continues the tradition of wine production in the Murefte region, combining it with modern technology. Their wines represent the quality and diversity of Turkish wines.


Lucien Arkas Wine

Turkey's largest organic winery, Lucien Arkas, is located in Izmir's Torbalı region and cultivates over 20 high-quality grape varieties organically. This brand harvests grapes under the moonlight, producing wines with diverse flavors that reflect the bounty of the Aegean.


Vinkara Wine

Located in Ankara's Kalecik region, Vinkara is known for using the native grape variety 'Kalecik Karası'. Known for its fruity taste and delicate tannins, it adopts sustainable farming practices. As a result, their wines have gained international recognition.


Turkey is rich in indigenous grape varieties like Kalecik Karası, Öküzgözü, and Narince, which give Turkish wines their distinctive flavors. Through these brands, our store brings you the rich wine culture and history of Turkey. Enjoy your journey through the world of Turkish wines.