About Dogal

We, Dogal (hereinafter referred to as "Dogal"), are a shop that delivers carefully selected foods, Turkish wine, and traditional distilled liquor Raku from the rich land of Turkey to Japan. Doal is operated by Selce Ltd., and since its founding in 2005, we have provided products that allow everyone to experience the real Turkey, with the motto of honesty and dedication.

Our products are not just for feeling exotic. These are the items that we have hand-selected ourselves and that we use at our daily table. Without compromising on quality and taste, we visit producers, confirm food safety, and deliver our products to our customers.

Doal's founder, Mete Reshat Küpç, loved Turkey's climate and food culture, and launched this shop out of a passion to spread its charm to Japan. We strive to provide you with a taste of Turkish culture by serving carefully selected foods and wines grown in Turkey's natural environment with sincerity and dedication.

Please enjoy the food and wine directly imported from Turkey that can only be tasted at Doar. Each product we deliver embodies Turkey's history and culture, as well as our sincere feelings.