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Koska Apricot Jam 380g | Koska Recipe | Apricot Preserves

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Koska's apricot jam, made with Turkish apricots, is a product that evokes the tradition and quality of Turkey, the world's largest producer of apricots. This jam is not only used to add to bread and yogurt for breakfast, but also to enrich the flavor of desserts. In Turkey, there is a culture of enjoying breakfast with family and friends, along with a wide variety of jams, honey, cheese, and olives. Through this flavorful apricot jam, we bring that Turkish food culture to your table.

  • Name : Apricot jam
  • Ingredients : Lop Lop, apricot (45%), sugar, pH adjuster, pectin
  • Contents : 380g
  • Best before date : April 18, 2025
  • Country of Origin : Turkey
  • Storage method : Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.
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Koska Apricot Jam 380g | Koska Recipe | Apricot Preserves
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