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Sutas Hellim Peynir 500g | Sutas Hellim Peynir | Halloumi Cheese

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Stash helim cheese (halloumi cheese) is known for its unique texture and rich flavor, and is a type of cheese that is enjoyed grilled in Turkey. Baked at high temperatures, the outside is crispy and the inside is chewy! ? Squeak! ? It has a unique texture. It's great to eat as is or as a topping for salads or grilled vegetables. In Turkish food culture, it is used in a variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner, and is especially popular as a staple at barbecues and picnics during the hot season. It also goes perfectly with raki and wine, making it one of the essential ingredients for Turkish people. Please enjoy the traditional taste of Turkey at home.

  • Name : Natural cheese
  • Ingredients : Milk, sheep milk, goat milk, salt
  • Contents : 250g
  • Best before date : November 29, 2024
  • Storage method : Requires refrigeration (below 8℃)
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Sutas Hellim Peynir 500g | Sutas Hellim Peynir | Halloumi Cheese
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