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Sarper Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki 700ml | Sarper Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki

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"Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki" is one of the highest quality Turkish raki. This raki is made from carefully selected grapes from the Aegean region and the highest quality anise seeds. It is distilled three times to give it an exceptionally mild taste and rich aroma.

You can enjoy its full aroma by diluting it with cold water, and you can also add ice or drink it straight depending on your preference. Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki offers a relaxed experience tailored to your taste.

One of the characteristics of Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki is that it is made from suma, which is aged for four days with carefully selected anise seeds before distillation. This unique process creates a rich anise flavor and a smooth taste. Since it does not contain agricultural ethyl alcohol or sugar and is gluten-free, it can be enjoyed by many people with peace of mind.

Blending tradition and innovation, Beylerbeyi brings its elegant heritage into the modern era, offering comfort for special occasions. This raki embodies trust and integrity and thus, is highly valued by raki enthusiasts around the world.

  • Alcohol content : 45%
  • Contents : 700ml
  • How to drink : Pour water in a 1:1 ratio into a glass, add 2 to 3 ice cubes and enjoy.
  • Country of origin : Turkey
  • Importer : Serce Co., Ltd.
    About Sarper

    Sarper is a renowned manufacturer of Beylerbeyi Raki, founded in Akhisar, Manisa in 2007, with a production capacity of 6 million liters per year, backed by a huge investment of over 15 million euros. is. The company has established itself as a brand representing Turkey's traditional raku culture.

    Beylerbeyi Rakı is distilled in the Aegean region of Turkey and produced with two main ingredients: grapes and anise, which are locally sourced and distilled using traditional methods under the supervision of a master distiller. A unique recipe is used to make Raku, giving each product an authentic flavor.

    Sarper's vision is to manufacture products with love, with tradition and purity as our top priority. The company's philosophy is deeply rooted in Turkish raku culture and focuses on delivering its elegant, traditional flavors to lovers around the world.

    Sarper's raki is setting a new standard in the Turkish raki market with its deep flavor and delicate anise aroma created by carefully selected premium ingredients and unique distillation techniques. This means that we can offer you the finest raki from Akhisar's blessed land and experience a new legend of Turkish distilled raki, woven with triple distillation and passion.

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      Sarper Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki 700ml | Sarper Beylerbeyi Mavi Raki
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