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Beyzade Baklava

Beyzade Pistachio Baklava 250g

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Beyzade Baklava's pistachio baklava is a masterpiece created by Ahmet Dursun, who opened the first baklava specialty store in Japan, and recreates the authentic Turkish taste. This baklava, which combines the rich flavor of nuts with the aroma of fragrant butter, is loved by Turkish people living in Japan as well as Japanese people. In Turkey, it is an essential sweet for special occasions, family gatherings, and moments with friends, and is eaten to share happiness. Beyzade Baklava's pistachio baklava is manufactured in Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture. Please enjoy authentic baklava in your home.

  • Name : Baklava (pistachio)
  • Ingredients : Wheat flour, butter, sugar, pistachios, cornstarch, wheat starch, eggs, lemon juice, salt
  • Contents : 250g
  • Best before date: June 10, 2024 (3 weeks from date of manufacture)
  • Manufacturer : BEYZADE BAKLAVA 19 Yahachi Ooicho, Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Storage method : Refrigerate (below 10℃)
  • Bulk purchase discount for refrigerated products: If you order two or more refrigerated products such as cheese or baklava, a 10% discount will be applied automatically . *Discounts do not apply to products other than refrigerated products.

【please note】

  • Regarding areas where we cannot deliver to: We cannot ship to Hokkaido, Kyushu, or Okinawa. If you place an order, we will cancel it at a later date.
  • About the expiration date: 3 weeks from the date of manufacture. We will ship the product after it arrives at our store, so please be sure to check the expiration date listed above when ordering.
  • Regarding delivery: Due to the expiration date, we cannot accept date specifications. Only time specifications are possible, so please be aware of this in advance. If you specify a date when placing your order, we will change it to the earliest possible delivery date.
  • About syrup: Just like authentic Turkish baklava, we use a lot of syrup. Syrup may leak into the inner or outer box during shipping, but this does not affect the quality. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to syrup leakage.
  • Regarding the condition of the product: Due to shaking during delivery, the pistachios may scatter or the pie part may crumble slightly, but this is not eligible for return or exchange. However, if there is an obvious defect or damage, please leave the product as it is and contact us immediately. We will respond appropriately depending on the situation.
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Beyzade Pistachio Baklava 250g
Beyzade Pistachio Baklava 250g
Beyzade Pistachio Baklava 250g
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